iPhone 15 Pro leaks reveal design, charging port and more ahead of launch: Here’s what we know so far | Technology news

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New Delhi: In September 2022, Apple unveiled the latest iPhone 14 series. The Cupertino-based technology company is expected to unveil the iPhone 15 series, the next generation of its handsets, in the second half of 2023, just like last year. Still, the rumor mill about the iPhone 15 series is already active and has consistently produced fresh rumors.

The latest rumor comes in the form of a leaked photograph that is expected to provide the first look at the next iPhone 15 Pro model. Exclusive renders of the next iPhone 15 Pro based on a CAD model have reportedly been published online, according to a 9to5Mac story. (Also Read: Twitter closes Delhi, Mumbai offices, only three employees run company’s Indian operations)

Lan Zelbo, a 3D artist and case builder, provided the rendering. According to the article, the leaked images show some significant changes in the appearance and specifications of Apple’s future flagship smartphone. (Also Read: SBI vs HDFC vs ICICI vs PNB vs BoB: Savings Accounts Minimum Balance and Penalty Charges Compared)

These leaked renders were created using CAD files provided by Apple. To prepare phone covers before the phone is released, the company shares these files with manufacturers in Asia. This procedure is used to ensure that the cases are available when the device starts.

According to reports, a manufacturer outside of China has provided the leaked rendering CAD for the iPhone 15 Pro. According to the investigation, this factory also appears to have received these files first.

In terms of both dimensions and design, previous CAD files were also accurate to the finished product. Therefore, faulty CADs will be expensive for the factories and the case designers.

According to the stolen renders, Apple will ditch the Lightning port in favor of USB-C. This will signal the end of Apple’s exclusive connector, which has long been a feature of iPhones and other Apple devices.

However, the company apparently intends to limit the available cords to those compatible with Apple’s MFi program for data transfer and charging.

According to the pictures, the edges of the glass and metal frame are now more curved than before. To make the transition between the frame and the glass on the iPhone 15 Pro smoother, the glass will be slightly curved around the edges.

According to the rumor, the frame will be more curved than it was before and would resemble the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro or the new M2 MacBook Air in terms of appearance.

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