Have you lost a stray pet? Mumbai Man develops tags with QR code to keep track of street dogs | Technology news

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New Delhi: An engineer and a dog lover from Mumbai claim to have developed tags with QR code technology to keep track of stray dogs. The man behind the idea, Akshay Ridlan aims to provide these tags to people at a nominal cost to increase the reach of the technology.

“It will also help the government find dog” locations and make strategies for their sterilization or vaccination. This can be done through the database. We want to offer this QR at a nominal price right now. (Also Read: SBI vs HDFC vs ICICI vs PNB vs BoB: Savings Accounts Minimum Balance and Penalty Charges Compared)

People and organizations who feed or rescue animals can use this,” Akshay said while talking to ANI. Akshay further highlighted the various features offered by the technology. (Also Read: THESE Farmers Get Rs 3000 Monthly Pension With PM Mandhan Scheme – Check Eligibility, Benefits, Other Details)

He said: “I attach the QR code with the reflective collar and then scan the QR with the scanner on my phone. After the scan, I get all the details in digital form of a particular dog.

This creates a UID (Unique Identifier), gender, pet name, caretaker name, caretaker phone number, and the dog’s medical/vaccination history.”

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