Great relief for customers! TRAI cracks down on unsolicited, annoying promotional messages from telemarketers; Orders telecom companies to take strict action | Technology news

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New Delhi: Telecom regulator TRAI on Thursday cracked down on unauthorized, annoying promotional messages from phone vendors as it issued directions to telecom operators to act quickly to stop misuse of headers and message templates. To stop the abuse, the regulator has ordered access service providers (telecom operators) to re-verify all registered headers and message templates on the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) platform and block all unverified headers and message templates within 30 and 60 days respectively.

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Telecom operators have also been asked to ensure that temporary headers are disabled immediately after the set duration. “…Remove confusion among recipients of messages and prevent misuse, no look-alike headers (headers that resemble each other by virtue of the combination of lowercase or uppercase letters) shall be registered by access providers in the names of different head units” said TRAI .

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To limit messages from unauthorized or unregistered telemarketers, including telemarketers using phone numbers, telecom operators have been asked to “exclude all telemarketers not registered on the DLT platform from handling message template scrubbing and delivery of messages to recipients through Access Provider’s network”.

Telcos will have to “ensure that promotional messages are not transmitted by unregistered telemarketers or telemarketers using telephone numbers (10-digit numbers).” Telecom operators have been directed to take action against all errant telemarketers as per set rules and also initiate action under relevant legal acts.

“The access service provider shall also notify details of such telemarketers to other access providers who shall in turn prevent such entities from sending any commercial communication through their network,” TRAI said. TRAI has asked all telecom service providers to comply with its directions within 30 days.

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