“I’m officially leaving Twitter now”: Users when Elon Musk posted a sexist photo on Twitter | Technology news

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New Delhi: Many people haven’t seen the tweets from Twitter CEO Elon Musk. Many people have had this problem recently as a result of changes that Twitter has made. But suddenly, on Monday, a few Twitter users noticed something strange: they saw Elon Musk’s tweets, even if they don’t follow him on the microblogging platform. Other users lamented that Musk’s tweets had clogged their entire Twitter feed.

Although the exact reason for this is still unknown, but as mentioned above, many users believe that it must be because of the changes that Twitter has made. Twitter owner Elon Musk responded by posting a meme on the microblogging network based on a screenshot from a pornographic film.

When the billionaire sent his reply, the tweet attracted negative feedback from the netizens. Most users’ comments suggest that the post portrays a troubling, misogynistic image. Others claim that Musk is tweeting material that would have gotten them removed from Twitter if they had dared to post it.

“This is the last straw; I’m leaving Twitter immediately. One user commented: “I can’t believe you would do this,” and another: “Your memes are so lame.”

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