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While we loved watching the juggler throw balls or bottles, doing the same is no walk in the park. It’s a skill! Similarly, there are skilled people in real life who do not juggle bottles but have different roles. They are better known as “many-faceted people.” Only a few can qualify for it and entrepreneur Zahir Patel is certainly one!

The businessman has not let it stand to establish companies that have contributed enormously to the development of society. Having held a few shares in a record label, he has already marked his entry into the world of entertainment. And now? Zahir Patel has launched a new business in a different sector. Yes, you read that right! His enthusiasm seems to be skyrocketing these days.

He has started a plastic manufacturing company named AIM Petro Product which deals in all types of granules and grinds including HDEP, PPCP, PP, HMLD, PVC etc. With the aim of providing high quality durable products at reasonable prices, Zahir Patel laid the foundation of this fantastic company.

The business was launched and he seemed very excited about it. Here’s what Zahir says: “I am very grateful to God and the universe for reaching me with this wonderful opportunity. I will do my best to take AIM and all my other businesses to new heights, thereby creating job openings and great products for society and its people.”

The entrepreneur launched this brand new company with the aim of offering the highest quality plastics. We are sure that Zahir Patel with his exceptional business acumen and vast knowledge of the marketplace will take even this company to new heights.

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